Filipino player Mike Takayama successfully wins the 2018 APOY award

The 2018APOY Asia Player of the Year was announced shortly, and Mike Takayama from the Philippines successfully won the award as a local billiard player.

Poker has undoubtedly opened another wonderful journey in life in Takayama. This is not only the first time the Filipinos have reached the summit, but also the outstanding strength of the 29-year-old player.

The timing of this year’s APOY selection is different (the small series guess: perhaps due to the impact of Macau’s gaming policy), from November 27, 2017 to August 12, 2018.

In addition to loading his name into the history of Asian poker, Takayama also received a $20,000 prize, and he immediately decided to use the reward to invest in a billiard-themed cafe.

Takayama was very excited when interviewed by PokerStars. He said that he was very happy at the moment he won the APOY, and APOY is also the dream of playing cards for these years.

Many players are eager to prove themselves, but Takayama hopes that these players can use themselves as a catch-up target. Takayama also said that many Filipino players are ready to go.

As long as they are willing to learn to fight, there is always a chance to reach the peak. When asked about the secret of success, Takayama added that not giving up is the most important point, and he also thanked family and friends for their continued support.

Road to the summit

The Takayama Poker Trail began in the Philippines’ local BMW Auto Invitational Tournament, and he was fascinated by the game after winning the championship.

As of now, his offline tournament has accumulated a prize of $936,583, which makes him the third player in the Philippines player list.

Second only to Noli Francisco ($1,350,550) and John Tech ($1,106,221).

One of Takayama’s most spectacular moments appeared in the 2018 WSOP Event 59: No Limit Hold’em Super Fast Bounty.

At that time, he got his first gold bracelet and $198,568 in prize money. This is the first time that Filipino players have won the WSOP bracelet.

In an interview with the media, Joy is full of words. Takayama is excited to say that winning the WSOP bracelet is the dream of every poker player.

It is a great honor to be the first person in the Philippine WSOP bracelet! In addition to the wonderful play at the WSOP, Takayama’s dazzling achievements include:

$240 bought Ariel Classic Poker Championship ($5,470 in prize money) and 421th in the WSOP Main Event ($29,625 in prize money),

MPC28 Qinglong Saijun (the prize is $95,000). At the same time, Takayama, a member of the Metro team, received a $30,000 Platinum Pass in the recent PokerStars Manila series.

On the PSPC in January next year, we will see him again on behalf of the Philippines.

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